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so has the album leaked yet..cause i want it early..i'm still gonna buy it at the fletchers show..i'm just sayin.. if anyone's got it.. give it up..for the love
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So..is anyone going to the show at recher tomarrow?..i live in germantown/gaithersburg..i need a ride.. i can get anywhere on the metro line though.. so i can meet someone if they're willing..i also have gas money..its very much appriciated..my friend is coming down from NY for this show and i need to pick up a DVD from dan and right now im stuck w/out a ride..so if anyone can help me out please email me DivaVivaLeFreek@aol.com or call my cell301-254-5308


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does anyone have any of the new songs on mp3 in their files that they could send me.. like im totally tearing up myspace but it wont let me download them..and theres no cd yet and the songs are in my head ALL THE TIME.. so i want to put them on a cd..

can anyone help me out..

i can trade you stuff.. i have a ton of old music from a million different local and not local bands
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